Ep 52. The Celsius Bankruptcy Listen now (26 min) | Human impact of shoddy risk management
Ep 51: Metaverse 101Listen now (21 min) | What is it? What it is NOT? What problems can it solve?
Ep 50. Time to dream againListen now (3 min) | Farewell 5x5 Crypto. Hello Crypto IRL!
Ep 49. Built different🍄Listen now (10 min) | Market volatility. Tail events. Terra Luna collapse.
Ep 48. Lightning⚡Baby!Listen now (10 min) | Cash App ⚡ Shopify. Robinhood. Walk-to-earn🏋️‍♂️?
Ep 47. Is Bitcoin religion? Listen now (9 min) | $600M Hack. $620M Raise. Bitcoin Miner SPAC.
Ep. 46 Oily Bitcoin + Underwear 🩲Listen now (10 min) | Men's underwear. Ukraine NFTs. Crypto for good. Bitcoin + Oil & Gas. Metaverse fashion.
Ep 45. First Bitcoin Mortgage🚀Listen now (10 min) | Milo! Crypto Mortgage. Bitcoin ATM. Coinbase lawsuit.
Book: Check your financial privilege by Alex Gladstein
Ep 44. Crypto Pi Day 🥧Listen now (12 min) | Ukraine Crypto Payments. EU ban bitcoin mining. Holy Metaverse. Play-to-earn Africa
Ep 43. An ode to squirrels Listen now (12 min) | Crypto Shopping List. African NFTs. CBDC Fact or Fiction.
Ep 43. An ode to squirrels🐿Listen now (12 min) | Crypto shopping list. African NFTs. CBDCs Fact or Fiction.